Whether you're just starting on a song
or adding drums after you've completed it,
I can record an amazing drum track for you.

I'm Jim McCarty and I'm a session drummer in the Los Angeles area who has worked with major and independent artists with online recording for over 17 years (yes, I am one of the first!) I can create a drum track based on what I hear in your song or copy a previous drum track you have - programmed or real - with an amazing sound and feel.

Even if your song wasn't recorded to a click and is the final track, I can make it work with editing. In the end, you will have a solid foundation in the drums recorded with a pro sound, using the best microphones and Classic Neve and API mic pre-amps.

If you also need bass, or any other instruments, I work with some of the finest studio players in Los Angeles and can refer you or produce your track with you.

Contact me at: to discuss your project. Once I hear an .mp3 of your song with the details of what you require, I can give you an exact quote.

You will find no comparison to what I do - especially for the price!


What my clients say about my work:

"Jim's a thoughtful drummer who considers the whole of the song, and always respects it's integrity. He leans toward understatement and a philosophy of 'less is more' (which is a nice trait in a drummer, especially since he can always add more). He also has a great sense of dynamics, and how to build a song. Once he adds the backbone, the song's identity comes more into focus. This not only provides direction for the other musicians, but helps define the song better in my own mind. In short, Jim McCarty is an excellent first stop on your way. In addition, he's an incredibly nice guy - not at all scary - someone you can trust with your musical offspring."

Jon Dieda - (musician/singer/songwriter) San Pedro, CA

"Jim McCarty is the ultimate professional whose acute attention to detail and dedication to customer service set him so high above the competition that he is the only logical choice for online drum recording. Jim has been an asset to all of my projects always going above and beyond the task at hand in a timely fashion, standing by his guarantee that the job is not done until I am "fully satisfied". I am a New York musician/producer who e-mails my "drum-less" songs to Jim and then in a reasonable amount of time, receive pristinely recorded drum tracks. And, he's a nice guy to talk to... very easy going and helpful. His years of experience are evident in every conversation. The bottom line is that Jim makes my life easier by providing an amazing groove without taking forever to do it."

Sean Naughton
- (musician, producer) New York, NY

Lew Enstedt - (singer, songwriter) Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"Jim's drum tracks service has added the kind of dynamic and exciting dimension to the production of our original instrumental and song material that previously we could only dream of. The quality of Jim's work is exceptional, and the speed with which he grasps and delivers our requirements is simply outstanding - sometimes frighteningly so! My message to anyone considering using Jim: don't hesitate a moment longer."

Andrew Marlow -
(producer and executive) Moontracks Music, Titchmarsh, England


"Jim McCarty is without a doubt the most professional and charismatic musician, drummer, and technical advisor I have worked with in twenty-five years. I accidentally stumbled onto his site, contacted him to ask some questions, then sent him a song to try out his service. The next day he sends me an email telling me that he worked on my song and that he has the file on his FTP site for me to download and hear. I listened to it and was blown away! He had created a groove surpassing my imagination. Long story short, we've done eighteen songs so far. . I often tease Jim and tell him that knowing him is like having "a recording studio and Steve Gadd in my back pocket". Honestly, Jim McCarty has been a huge inspiration to my songwriting, not to mention one of the coolest cats on the planet."

Jim Leighton -  (singer/songwriter) Phoenix, AZ

"When I found Jim McCarty I was at the height of frustration in getting my drum tracks recorded. Not only was it difficult finding a good drummer to come into my studio to cut tracks, but the added elements of scheduling and engineering those sessions was completely zapping my creative energy. Finding the right player had become such a battle for me that I actually contacted a very expensive celebrity drummer but prior to booking our session, found Jim McCarty and could not be happier. Jim is a world class drummer and musician and knows how to get the sounds I want. He is also the quintessential servant, as well. He goes way above and beyond what I ask, and always delivers performances to me that are worth way more than what I pay for them. Now that Jim does all of my drum tracks, I am turning out the level of recordings I always strived for!"

Scott Oliver - (musician, owner/engineer of Daddy-O Digital) Nashville, TN


"Jim McCarty provides such a fantastic resource. After years of dealing with flaky drummers and expensive studio's finding this service was a dream come true. Jim is a prodigy in his field and will nail it with a minimum of instruction. He takes the time to get not only the precision locked but the feeling as well-an invaluable service you cannot find anywhere else."

Erich Wilson - (musician, singer/songwriter, producer) Santa Barbara, CA

"I met and began working with Jim McCarty in the 1980s; in my 40 plus years of being a professional musician, I have never met a player (or person) who has taught me more about groove, pocket, playing "for the tune", or humility than my man, James. I take every opportunity to utilize Jim's contributions to any tracks I record and produce. If you want your tracks to "come alive", and the best unbiased suggestions to help on your musical vision, look no further".

Dave Lauderbaugh - (musician, writer, producer) Greensboro, NC


Hi Jim, Just received the disk today and loaded the tracks into my Mac. All I can say is these are the best sounding tracks I've ever had the pleasure to mix. I'm truly amazed at how well you play, tune, mic, and record your kit. A touch of compression and EQ here and there, and they sit beautifully in the mix. I couldn't be happier."

Mark Spencer - (musician, songwriter) Springfield, KY


"Jim, You are truly amazing! Your timing is incredibly tight, and you captured the style and subtle rhythms so well. No doubt that you have given me a TREMENDOUS value!!! I am completely satisfied. Thanks again!"

James Orr - (musician, songwriter) Ashdown, AR


"I got the files and they sound great. Thanks for all your help with my music. You've elevated the quality of everything you've played on. Sometimes it takes me a while to see just how much because I had lost all perspective after hearing these songs 8,337,738 times! Your hand percussion on the tracks where I used the drum loops really gave them the life they needed. Thanks again for all your hard work and colorful ideas."

Jon Lipton - (musician/singer/songwriter) Victoria, BC, Canada


"Jim, thanks for doing a great job on the drums. They were exactly what I needed. I just used your stereo mix, it was so clean, tight and fat, I could never mix it better than you did. It makes a great foundation. I can't wait to get to work on that next one, which I will email out to you soon."

Joe Huggins - (musician/singer/songwriter) Henderson, NV


"I very much appreciate your drive, enthusiasm and talent. Your professionalism really shows through in the timbre of the drum tones. You've got the sound of your kit and recording technique very well developed."

Mark Slocombe - (musician/singer/songwriter) St. Louis, MO


"Jim - The tracks arrived today. I just imported them and set up the drum bussing. The format you sent was perfect. Sound quality is above expectations. Thanks for all your diligence."

Mike Patterson - (engineer/producer) Valencia, CA


"Mr. Jim, Got the track and it's yummy.....(see, I'm running out of adjectives to describe your stuff). Once again, I'm pretty stoked on how fast your turnaround is. Sure do appreciate it. And to think how I used to sit for hours on the T3 and sequenceall these drum parts myself (pretty time-consuming stuff).
PS When the hell do you sleep!!!???"

Jody Hudson - (musician/singer/songwriter) Orlando, FL



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